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Proposal and Grant Writing

A proposal is the first step towards the project management, and like everyone else, you would also want your first steps to be perfect and in the right direction. Our team of qualified proposal writers shape your proposal document with the utmost attention and focus to put in words that would actually influence the reader to understand your capabilities for delivering a successful project till the final accomplishment.

At Dexter we have industry experts who write well researched and precise proposals to communicate your understanding of the project and how you will be the best choice if the project is assigned to you. Get in touch with us to avail the best proposal writing services available online for all kinds of projects. This is going to be a decision of a lifetime that you will not regret making.

Area of Expertise

  • Well researched and focused on your report/case subject

  • Formatted and structured as per your order specs

  • Quickest turnaround times – within stipulated timelines

  • Error-free content – Checked by Editors

  • Keywords based on your subject area

  • Round the clock online support available

Project Development and Management

  • Development of results framework, logic models, theory of change for development effectiveness;

  • Development of emergency response plans in disaster management;

  • Awareness raising campaign management, behavior change communication, and IEC material development; and,

  • Project management services for execution of development projects in various fields such as education, health, trade and industrial development.

Project Evaluations

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL)

Our Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) practice aims to improve the performance of projects by providing the right information to the right decision-maker at the right time. We manage and implement comprehensive monitoring, evaluation, and learning projects.

We offer our clients complete M&E solutions including third-party field monitoring, validation, and evaluation, both at the program and at organizational level. Our deep understanding of M&E is supplemented by our broad sectoral knowledge and our experience of collecting real-time data, including from remote and conflict-prone areas.

Using our purpose-built facility we provide print, electronic and social media monitoring services with nationwide coverage. Depending on project needs, our team typically employs a mixed-method approach to monitoring and evaluation, utilizing both quantitative and qualitative data points.

Beginning with development of performance and results frameworks, we design data collection processes that ensure projects are meeting targets and measuring their successes. As a complement to our monitoring and evaluation services, we also help develop knowledge management tools and products to support project outcomes. Our clients rely on our firm to efficiently design, implement, evaluate and disseminate results from our research and evaluations to enable them to communicate their successes and challenges to key stakeholders.

We also help organizations in designing and implementation of IT-based M&E systems and provide staff training for the smooth functioning of the M&E regime.

Third Party Evaluations

Starting any new project, program or grant takes significant time, energy, and resources, so it’s important to know if your efforts are paying off, whether the program is being well-implemented, and ultimately if it is effective in meeting grant outcomes. A third-party external evaluator can help answer these questions. Dexter Consultants conducts independent, third-party evaluations of implementation and outcomes, using methods and tools customized for your needs.

Logic and Results Frameworks

We work collaboratively with clients to develop logic and results frameworks to ensure their projects and initiatives progress as planned. Our team starts by conducting a situation analysis to assess needs and existing resources. We facilitate a program clarification process with clients to clarify a theory of change and develop a robust results framework. Our specialists then design a tailored MEAL framework that suits our client’s project and organizational context. Informed by qualitative and quantitative data, we help identify key indicators and metrics to capture and embed into existing systems.

Data Collection and Analysis

We blend quantitative and qualitative methods to conduct rigorous data collection for design, implementation and evaluation of projects, programs, and policies. We help our clients determine whether initiatives work by testing hypothesis and identifying the most cost-effective avenues to attain sustainable results. We design evidenced-based monitoring systems and tracking tools so that our clients are able to monitor and adaptively manage their programs in order to achieve maximum impact.

Research Support

We offer hands-on assistance in conducting research, including primary data collection in the field, to assist in the design, implementation and evaluation of client projects, often in complex environments and spanning a wide myriad of sectors and industries. Our team has extensive experience coupling original market research with a deep understanding of local contextual considerations to give clients the information and evidence-based recommendations they need to succeed.

Program and Project Evaluation

Our firm works with government, multilateral institutions, civil society and private firms to clarify, measure and improve their results. Whether our team is determining how best to measure outputs and outcomes, or identifying the reasons for current levels of performance and impact, we design evaluation methodologies to pinpoint what will best help our clients. Our specialists have extensive experience implementing both formative (process) and summative (outcome) evaluations at the project, program, and organisational levels of analysis. Ultimately, we provide our expertise in evaluation to help clients assess process, performance, and impact.

Strategic Planning

We provide our clients with support to plan and implement strategies that enable their organisations to achieve their long-term goals despite the uncertainty of the future. Our team will facilitate meetings, conduct research, identify requirements and gather the necessary data to develop the strategic plan for our clients. From market research to holistic business reorganization, our firm is dedicated to a thorough, personalized consultation strategy that bolsters confidence and helps our clients realize their greatest potential. We also create the planning documents and provide an executive presentation to communicate the strategy to senior management and the staff. Our firm’s collective experience in the region spans a wide range of sectors, enabling us to design and facilitate a strategic process that suits our clients’ workplace culture, industry, and desired outcomes.

Project Management Services

Need Assessment, Base-Lines and End-Line Studies

Project need assessment is an effective tool to identify appropriate project interventions in Project Management. Similarly, collecting baseline data plays a major role in planning the project at its pilot phases where the organization determines the resources required to be invested in implementation of project.

Dexter has relevant expertise to collect field data of projects for need assessment and subsequent development of base line study.

The end line study is the final picture of the project at its end as it provides a detail information for future programmes success. The end line study comprises of actual programme achievements, statistics to resources invested and the sustainability factors.

Dexter has conducted endline studies and lesson learnt studies through various research tools to assess the change from start of the project to the end of the project. The studies included challenges which hampered the project executions and its future solutions so that the said can be avoided in upcoming projects.

Research Projects

Research is pivotal to project management because it identifies and helps define your focus, method, and goals while also outlining the project from start to finish.

General methodology of research includes;

  • Hypothesis
  • Research Questions
  • Research Method; a case study, survey, interviews
  • Conceptual Framework
  • Budgets and Timelines

Dexter has worked on many projects where it has collected data for projects through surveys, in depth interviews, Focus Group Discussions, case studies, and deliberation at public platforms. The sources of data varied from primary to secondary, based on type of project.

Policy Design and Mapping

We undertake intensive research, analysis and stakeholder engagement to develop policies or propose improvements to mainstream emerging issues into existing strategic documents. Policy mapping provides a unique analytical capability that enables strategic decision-making in complex policy environments. Generating a visual mapping of a policy landscape provides clients with a distinctive, holistic perspective on the policies that affect them and their stakeholders.

Grant Reporting (Financial and Project Reporting)

As the final stage in the grant process, grant reporting is the culmination of all the time and effort you’ve spent creating a proposal budget and managing the grant awarded to your organization. While it’s required by most grant makers, grant reporting isn’t just a legal obligation – it’s an opportunity to cement funder relations. You’ll likely be required to submit both a financial report and a narrative to your funder. Dexter Consultants assist the organization in developing both project narrative and financial reports as per the requirements of the donor.