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Dexter not only advises on how best to comply with regulations, we also help you appreciate the consequences of non-compliance and deliver day-to-day outsourced finance activities to ensure you remain compliant.

Accounting and Book-Keeping

Bookkeeping is a very vast project in the overall accounting services in any business. The implementation of a fully Computerized Accounting System can take months that can further be extended on the basis of degree of complexity as well as size of business. Dexter Consultants presents the best accounting and bookkeeping services to all types of business structures operating in various fields.

Our clients can concentrate on the business growth instead of managing payroll and bank reconciliations. We aim to provide assistance to all bookkeeping solutions of a company from employee hiring to financial reporting.

With the advancement in the FBR & SECP regulations, it is also mandatory to keep all records for a period of 5-10 years, depending upon the case. Wasting money on paper and ink is useless; hire Dexter to outsource the accurate bookkeeping services throughout Pakistan.

We have a team of expert accountants who can make a customized bookkeeping package for you as per your requirements. From supervision of your company’s accounts section to the payroll management, we can provide outsourced bookkeeping services in Pakistan in the affordable rates. Sensitive and vital company information is accessed by bookkeepers; therefore, it is very important that you work with such outsourced company that protects your data security and privacy rights. Dexter guarantees you that your personal information and business accounting data is safe in our hands.

Computerized and Excel Based Bookkeeping

We also provide both computerized and excel based accounting software to our clients that are cost effective and can be handled by anyone without having any expertise. The staff and team of our clients are duly trained as part of the package

Services We Offer

  1. General Ledger Accounting & Bookkeeping.

  2. Accounts Receivable Management.

  3. Accounts Payable Management.

  4. Bank/Cash Reconciliation.

  5. Bank Coordination

  6. Banking & Credit Card Activity Checks.

  7. Payroll Processing& Bookkeeping.

  8. Sales Tax Bookkeeping.

  9. Profit And Loss Statement Bookkeeping.

  10. Income Tax Bookkeeping as per FBR

  11. Inventory Control Management.

  12. Fixed Assets Management.

  13. Receipts and Disbursements Management.

  14. Preparation of Financial Statements.

  15. Accounts Reconciliations / Bank Reconciliations / Credit Card

  16. Financial Transactions Record-keeping.

  1. Financial Statements & Custom Reporting.

  2. Review and Updates Statements.

  3. Tracking Sales, Expenses and Profits Bookkeeping.

  4. Creation and Sending Unlimited Invoices.

  5. Management and Payment of Bills.

  6. Creation of Sales Quotes Invoices.

  7. Balance Sheet Generation and Review.

  8. Creation of Purchase Order Bookkeeping.

  9. Transaction in Multiple Currencies.

  10. Time Tracking & Job Cost Reporting.

  11. Working Capital Management.

  12. Material Requirement Planning and work in process (WIP)

  13. Records Keeping According To FBR & SECP Protocol.

  14. Provident Fund Management

Internal Audit

The role of internal audit is to provide independent assurance that an organization’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively.

Co-sourcing or outsourcing internal audit work can reduce costs, free up capital, and enhance your ability to focus on what you do best. It can also provide you with the ability to tap into specific skill sets, industry knowledge and global resources on an ‘as needed’ basis.

We have a professional duty to provide an unbiased and objective view. We must be independent from the operations we evaluate and report to the highest level in an organisation: senior managers and governors. Typically, this is the board of directors or the board of trustees, the accounting officer or the audit committee.

How can Dexter help you accomplish your objectives in a dynamic business environment?

  • Advising on IA costs: The cost savings can be significant, particularly for those organizations that experience significant global travel, high turnover of IA resources or varying IA activity levels.

  • Access the right skills, in the right place, at the right time: Sourcing provides the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.

  • Leverage’ infrastructure: With the costs of developing and maintaining an IA capability shifted to Dexter, your capital and resources are freed for other purposes.

  • Access leading practices and subject matter professionals: Professionals from areas such as IT, forensic, treasury, risk management, financial instruments, procurement, shared services, third-party contracting and tax are available.

  • Access global resources: Provision of local resources where you need them, leading to reduced travel costs, increased understanding of the local culture and business environment,
    and local language skills.

  • Address human resource challenges: Attracting and retaining talent, maintaining knowledge on evolving risks and developing the skills to drive value can be addressed by Dexter

  • Access leading methodologies: Our IA methodologies and supporting technologies are risk-based and scalable.

External Audit and Audit Coordination

Organizations nowadays find themselves needing to place a focus on governance, controls, and risk management. With that, organizations look to third-party firms to perform independent audits of their environments to attest to proper performance.

Dexter Consultants Firm can help your organization by serving as a liaison with the third-party firm or as a partner with your personnel. Dexter can coordinate and facilitate the execution of the independent audit.

We have worked with different third-party firms that perform independent audits. We capitalize on that experience, working with you and your third-party firm to make the independent audits seamless, efficient, and effective.

Services we provide to coordinate and facilitate audits include:

  • Compilation of evidence for auditor-requested items.

  • Research with your organization’s personnel to address audit questions and concerns

  • Determination of action plans to address audit and assessment concerns

  • Remediation of audit and assessment concerns

  • Re-testing of prior audit and assessment concerns to ensure proper remediation